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Learn More about Red Snapper Facts and Information

You might want to know more about red snapper facts as it is a very well known fish which comes from the Mexico gulf. This fish is also very well known as recreational fish which cached by a lot of fishers. You can see this popular fish being sold in a lot of seafood market as well as seafood restaurant. Inside the ecosystem in the Mexico gulf, this fish is also known as one of the predators in the area. That is one of the reason why this fish is an icon which well known around the world for the Mexico gulf area. Now if you want to know more about the fact that this fish has, here are some of the information.
Information and Red Snapper Facts You Should Know
1.      As a snapper, this red snapper also has similar body shape as other type of snapper such as mutton snappers, mangrove snappers, dog snappers, as well as lane snappers. All of those fishes including this red snapper have slopped body profile. Their scales are has medium or even large sizes. Their dorsal fin is spiny and their body is compressed laterally.
2.      Their teeth are short but sharp, like a needle for the most part. But they do not have canine upper teeth which usually available on mutton snappers, mangrove snappers, as well as dog snappers.
3.      Usually mature red snapper will have around 39 cm length, meanwhile, for adult red snapper, they usually have around 60 cm length. However, they may reach around 100 cm in length.
4.      Other common red snapper facts that you should know is about the maximum weight that ever published. On that published note their maximum weight is around 38 kilograms.
5.      The red snapper can live for more than 50 years, and the oldest age that ever published is already more than 100 years.
6.      The red snapper has light red color. Their color will be redder on the back part of the body. However, on juvenile stage, some of the fish will have dark spots which usually located on the sides of their body right under the anterior part of the dorsal soft ray. But those spots will be fading as they aged.
7.      This fish habitat is usually on 9 meters to 60 meters deep which important red snapper facts. However, on some occasion, they may also be caught on 90 meters deep water. Their habitat is usually close on bottom of the water. They will make home in the rocks near the bottom, ridge, ledge as well as artificial reef inside the water such as shipwreck and even oil rig which planted offshore.
However, the red snapper habitat is usually changes when they grow older to become more mature. The reason is because they need more cover as well as different type of food.
The fertilized red snapper egg will floating on the water surface then will begin to hatch in a day. When the red snapper first hatched, they will life in benthic habitat which is more open. Then they will begin to move into habitat in lower reef which usually become the oyster bed.
When they become one year old, then they will go towards intermediate type of habitat in the reefs. Then after one year, they will go to the higher reef since it has more space for every fish.
But if the fishes live on oil platform areas, then the smaller sizes fish will life in the upper water column. Then the large size fish will life in the deeper part. However, this large size fish will not allow the smaller fish to life in their territory. Meanwhile the largest size fish will spread out into the open habitat especially on the reef area.
8.      The red snapper is a gregarious fish which is why they usually move in large sizes school and swim around the reef or shipwreck. The school itself is usually created by red snapper which has similar sizes to one another.
9.      Now on the reproduction red snapper facts, this fishes will begin their reproduction after they mature which is around two years old. The older red snapper can produce more eggs compared to the younger red snapper. For example a red snapper which is 8 years in age with 24 inches size will have the same amount of eggs with 212 of red snappers which is still 5 years in age with 17 inches size. This fish will start to spawn on the month of May which will going through until October. They usually spawn in rocky ledge and even coral reef.
10.  When it comes to the red snapper economical value, this fish is considered as one of the most value fishes especially for the gulf area. For example, their economical value in the year 2011 which gathered from five gulfs is around 11.5 million dollars. That value comes from the fishermen catch which weight 3.2 million in pound total.
11.  The next red snapper facts are that this fish is considered as one of the most delicious seafood that you can ever eat. This fish is also very versatile, thus you can create various dishes made using the red snapper meat. You can even found more than one mil kind of recipes from the internet.
12.  The red snapper is also known as recreational fish. For example, during the year of 2011, there are around 3.1 million fishermen that take around 22 million times of trip to the Mexico gulf to catch the red snapper along with other fish species. These fishermen also give some added value to the economy increase in the local area.
These are several red snapper facts that you should know that should give you a lot of information. The red snapper is very popular and useful fish not only for recreational fish but also as food. Furthermore, because of those two things, this fish also gives a lot of economical value to the local resident in the Mexican gulf where this fish is located.

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