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Where Canadian Lobster Suppliers Get Their Product From?

If you want to be Canadian lobster suppliers, then you should try to learn about the habitat and behavior of this marine animal so you can catch them easily. Actually there are various lobsters that people catch all around this world, but those that are often consumed by people are the European lobster type and the American lobster type. And since your location is in Canada which is closer to where the American lobster is located, then you might want to catch this type of lobster instead. Do not forget that the lobster has high economical value thus you will gain a lot of profit when you sell your catch.

Canadian Lobster Suppliers Fishing in Atlantic Ocean
But surely before you can catch the lobster, then first you need to have information about the location where they stay. For those two lobsters variation that are often consumed by people which are the European lobster species and the American lobster type, then they are actually stay in their respected area. But both of the lobster types are still staying within the Atlantic Ocean. But of course, there are still other lobster types that can be caught in the tropical ocean area which can be classified inside different lobster type which is the slipper lobster type or the spiny lobster type.
As Canadian lobster suppliers, then you should try to learn about the relation of lobster which actually very similar to the other type of crustacean which are the shrimp and also the crab. Those crustaceans are also living in the bottom area of the ocean which means you need to catch the lobster in their natural habitat. You should understand that the reason why they like to live in the bottom area of the ocean is because within this area, there is a lot of hiding place that they can use to protect themselves from their natural predators and from you as the fishermen.
There are also various other fishes that the lobster can use as their food which spread in this area. This is why; they stay in the bottom area of the ocean so they can feed on those food. The lobster actually does not have good eyesight which makes them unable to see their prey well, that is why they already developed their sense of taste and smell to be used in hunting their prey and avoiding to get caught by you. The foods that they eat in the bottom area of the ocean are mostly small size fish or mollusk. However, they also like to eat algae as well as different kinds of plant which available in that area.
As Canadian lobster suppliers, then you should know that the lobster likes to live in area which has cold temperature such as the North American part of the Atlantic Ocean. The water depth in this area is actually range from 164 feet until around 2,296 feet. Of course, if you do not want to catch them in this ocean deep then you can try to find some lobster which live in other area. Since, they also like to live in an area with brackish water source and even some in fresh water source.
If you plant to catch the lobster which lives all across the area of Atlantic Ocean, which placed in North America region, then you should know which area where you can find this lobster. You can actually find some since they are spreading in coast that stretches from the Labrador area that is actually still in the northern part of the region. This will go down to the southern part of the region into the Cape Hatteras which placed in the North Carolina region. Remember not to try and catching the lobster at New Jersey especially in the southern area since they are not common in there. Then again some area only have small percentage of lobster habitat which is around 0.1 percent that stays in area at Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, and Virginia.
Thus you try to catch the American lobster type as the Canadian lobster suppliers in the area around the North Atlantic. You can try to catch the lobster along the Long Island that is located in the south area of the New York as well as Connecticut then goes until around Newfoundland area. If you want to hire fishermen instead of trying to catch the lobster fish yourself, then you can contact some fishermen which reside in several areas.
The main fishermen usually stay in Maine lands and they usually able to give around sixty two of the lobster percentage caught to you. Or if you do not need as many lobster fish to supply your client, then you can try to contact the fishermen that stays in Massachusetts. The fishermen that stay in this area usually able to give around eighteen of the lobster percentage caught to you. Of course, there are various other regions where the fishermen resides such as in the Virginia area, as well as others region even though they cannot give a lot of lobster for you. Thus you as the Canadian lobster suppliers need to try and decide how much lobster that you need before you contact the fishermen that will catch the lobster from their natural habitat area that we mention above.
If you want to sell your lobster product, that you get after making them from the lobster ingredient given to you by those fishermen, then you can actually still sell them within the Canada area. Especially since the Canada area usually demands around sixty two of the lobster percentage supply from you. Then for the rest of the thirty eight of the lobster percentage supply from you can be send to your customer that located in America.
By dividing the lobster product that you sell into those areas, then you will be able to sell all of the products completely. Surely then you as the best Canadian lobster suppliers can get a lot of profit since the lobster product that you sell has high economical value as it is high quality.

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