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Lobster Nutrition with Various Benefits for Health

Before you enjoy this delicious seafood, then you should learn about lobster nutrition first so you will know what you are getting from eating this food fish. Since this seafood itself is very delicious, most people will snatch every change that they have to be able to eat lobster. But some people also have concern about whether they would get great nutrition when they eat the lobster. Actually you should not have to worry as the lobster is actually filled with great nutrient. Those nutrient is very useful for your body as it can make you become healthier thus you should try to get the nutrient whenever you get. If you want to know which nutrient and benefits that you can get by consuming this food fish, then we will discuss more about it here.

List of Lobster Nutrition Good for Health
1.      Low calories
Before we discuss more about the lobster nutrition, then first thing that you need to know is that this lobster contains very low calories. This is very important, especially for you who does not want to eat too much calories since you are now on strict diet. The struggle of having strict diet is to find food that is low in calories. But with this lobster meat, then you should not have to worry anymore as the food contains low calories. Do not worry as it is still filled with plenty of nutrition even though it only contains low calories.
When you consume this lobster for around one portion which usually is 3 ounce in weight then you will get only 76 calories. Now when you limit your consumption only to 2000 calories then this means consuming the lobster will only take less than ten percent of your daily limit. But of course, if you want to ensure not to add more calories and then you might be able to cook it by steaming the lobster. And try not to add sauce or other dressing which may increase the calories content too much.
2.      Protein
One of the most important lobster nutrition that you will get whenever you consume this delicious food fish is protein. Remember that your body needs to get enough protein every day as one of the most important nutrient that your body need. If you do not know that every men needs 56 gram on this nutrient, then every women needs 46 gram on this nutrition. Meanwhile you consume this lobster for around one portion which usually is 3 ounce in weight then you will get 16.2 gram on this nutrient. Thus you will be able to fulfill around 32 percent of the protein nutrient that you need every day.
This nutrient itself is very important as it is useful in building and maintaining your body’s muscle mass. It is also useful in recreating the tissue in your body which is often damage so it will need new one. And of course, even when you need to limit your calories intake, but you still need to get energy from the food that you eat. And this protein is able to be used as energy source by your body to do your daily activity.
3.      Selenium
It is another vital lobster nutrition which your body needed as it is will be used as antioxidant by your body. The antioxidant is vital because it is used to fight free radical which able to damage your body and cause various diseases. One of the deadly disease that is known to be caused by free radical is cancer, thus it is important for you to ensure the disease is not developed in the first place. Especially since the free radical can comes from various sources such as pollution and the junk food that you consume.
Furthermore this nutrient will also be used by your body when it needs to activate several enzymes which will be used in many kinds of function. Some of the enzymes are used to ensure your body grows properly, used in the creation of thyroid hormone, as well as to ensure that your blood vessels along with the muscle metabolism will function properly. By doing all of those functions then this nutrient is able to make your body immune become stronger.
4.      Vitamin B12
Another best lobster nutrition that you will get is from the vitamin B12 content that this food fish has. This nutrient itself is the best since it can support the function of your nerves to function its best. During the formation of neurotransmitters, your body will use vitamin B12, which makes it very important for your body to get this nutrient every day. The neurotransmitters itself will be used by your nerves to communicate through this chemical.
Furthermore, the myelin which coating the nerve cell will also use this nutrient. It will be used to keep this fatty substance to stays healthy. The myelin itself is very important as it will ensure the communication between each nerve is as effective as they can be since it will insulate them.
5.      Phosphorus
Another important nutrient that your body need is phosphorus which you can also get when consuming the lobster meat. This nutrient is important as it is able to make your bone become stronger. And whenever there is some damage in your bones as well as the teeth, then your body will also use the phosphorus to repair that damage and replace it so it will become strong once again. And when you consume the lobster meat, you will already able to fulfill 16 percent of what your body need every day.
6.      Copper
This nutrient is also one of the lobster nutrition that you can get when consume this delicious seafood. This copper is needed whenever your body is creating the red blood.
Those are some of the lobster nutrition that you can get whenever you consume this delicious food fish. As you can see, those nutrients are really able to give a lot of benefit for your body. Thus when you consume the lobster meat, then your body will become healthier and stronger.

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