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Suitable Lobster Habitat Temperature with Optimal Parameters

You might want to know more information about lobster habitat temperature since this food fish is very unique in the ecosystem that they live in. Actually there are different kinds of lobster that people can consume all around the world. But the most common one is the American lobster even though sometimes people also consume European lobster as the alternative. As you know the lobster is a favorite food fish that plenty of people consume all around the world. This is why; they are also caught in different place all around the world since it also comes with high commercial value. But before you can catch this food fish by yourself, you might want to know more information about their habitat.

What is Suitable Lobster Habitat Temperature?
For the more common type of lobster that people consume which are the American as well as European type of lobster, they actually also live in their respective habitat which still located inside Atlantic Ocean area. But you might not know that there are tropical types of lobster which live in the tropical area. However, they actually also classified under different species which commonly called as spiny lobster as well as slipper lobster. But even though they are all live in different area of the world, the lobster habitat temperature is still the same everywhere they live.
Actually lobster is a type of crustacean which also in close relation with crab and even shrimp. Like the other type of crustacean, the lobster is also living near the bottom area of the ocean. This behavior is done so they can protect themselves from their natural predator by utilizing the environment in the bottom area of the ocean. In this area, there are also plenty of foods that they can feed on thus it is very suitable area for the lobster to live. Furthermore, their eyesight is actually very poor thus they developed more of the smell and taste sense to become more advanced. In regards of the things that they eat, they will mostly feed on small size fish and mollusk. But sometimes they are also consuming different plants which can be found in the ocean as well as the algae.
This is the reason why they are able to live well even inside area that has very cold lobster habitat temperature which also very rocky for example the area that you can find in the North America especially on the Atlantic Ocean. You can find the lobster in area which is very deep even to the 700 meters deep. Actually both adult as well as juvenile stage of the lobster can be found within temperature of 0 degree to 25 degree Celsius with the salinity level within 15 ppt to 32 ppt. However their preferred water temperature is actually only within 15 degree to 18 degree Celsius with the salinity level within 20 ppt tp 25 ppt. actually the temperature of the water where the lobster live in will have very significant impact to the adult as well as juvenile. Especially on their survival rate, growth rate as well as reproduction rate. All of those rates will become lower especially if they live in area with non optimal parameters especially for the lower dissolved oxygen as well as salinity level.
If an adult lobster is being exposed in lobster habitat temperature that is higher than 20 degree Celsius for a few days, then they will show some symptoms of getting some respiratory stress which then can compromise their immune system respond. Furthermore, both the adult as well as juvenile stage lobster will become more sensitive to the non optimal parameters as well as high temperature especially when they prepare themselves for molting. When the time they are inactive then the lobster will find some shelter where they can hide which usually under some rocks or in the burrows as well as inside mud tunnels even though it is less preferred. Especially in the winter where the lobster habitat temperature season become low which may reach 5 degree Celsius, then the lobster will hide close to the area of the mouth on their shelter along with some debris and sediment. They will stay inside their shelter for weeks when this happen.
Meanwhile for smaller size of the lobster they will usually hide inside a rocky area. If they find a shelter which made from one of the rocks, then they will put their claw inside first. This behavior is done so they can ensure there are no creatures that reside in the hole that they find. Furthermore if turns out there are creatures that reside in the hole that they find, then they can force the current resident to move and take the shelter for themselves. After they are completely sure that the shelter is empty and there is suitable lobster habitat temperature then they will use the hole as their own shelter.
First they will enter the hole with their back against the rock which means their claw will be on the opening of the shelter thus they can defend themselves just in case there are other creatures that tries to approach the hole. This position also makes it easier for the lobster in grabbing any fish that suddenly approach their shelter. Thus they can feed even when they do not completely leave their shelter.
For most of their live, the lobster will stay hidden inside their shelter since they will be protected from predators. This is the reason why the younger of the lobster that has smaller size need to find a hiding shelter as fast as they can since they are very vulnerable. Sometimes, they will even hide inside sand, pebbles or even mud which they dig themselves. They will then stay inside this hole for years until they grow into larger size so they can find off most of their predators. When they have become bigger then they will move into other area for bigger hiding shelter made from the stronger rocks. Of course the lobster habitat temperature should also be suitable for them to live.

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