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Lobster supplier Indonesia offers variety of lobster products in different packages. Lobster is popular seafood in the world. They are available with hundreds of species; the top species are Maine lobster and Spiny lobster which can be found in cold and warm waters. The lobsters are one of the highest valued products in the world and priced a bit expensive compared with other regular seafood. It is a must for seafood restaurant business to be able to find suppliers that can sell premium quality of seafood including lobsters.
Since true lobsters can be found in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean as well as Indonesian waters, if you can lobsters near your area then you can try to import them. Of course the freshest lobsters are the best option. Alternatively, if you cannot find good quality of lobsters then you can try to buy frozen lobsters instead from online shopping. Here are few simple guides to buy seafood from lobster supplier Indonesia for your restaurant business.

Selecting lobster supplier Indonesia for your restaurant business
Buying and selecting good quality of supplier from Indonesia can be done with few simple guys. First, of course you need to know what kind of quality you should buy for lobster seafood.
1.      The characteristic of fresh lobsters
If you purchase them from local trusted lobster supplier Indonesia then there are some characteristics you should pay attention such as:
-          The lobsters should have fresh ocean smell and not stink, sour, or ammonia like smell.
-          The lobster should have firm with no cracked shells.
-          Fresh and alive lobsters should have good movement; they will try to fight by moving their claws and tails when you take them out of the tanks.
-          There is no discoloration on the lobster’s shells, if you spot them then you better avoid buying the lobsters and move to the healthier lobsters.
-          The lobsters have complete claws and eyes, if they are missing then it is possible because the lobsters have been stored in the tanks for quite a long time. Lobsters like to fight and struggle on the tanks which can make them lose their eyes and claws especially if the high quality of lobster supplier Indonesia kept them for long time.
-          If the lobsters look so weak meaning that they are not in healthy condition, you better not buy such lobsters.
The pros of fresh and alive lobsters:
-          It advertize better to the customers than frozen lobsters.
-          No need for you to thaw the lobsters so it is mean you cut thawing time.
-          You can have multiple choices of lobster species depending on the fishermen catch.
-          You will have ability to market the lobsters as sustainable product.
The cons of fresh and alive lobsters:
-          They hard to get especially the top quality one, it will harder when you live in big cities where it is far away from the coast or the ocean.
-          Unpredictable catch of lobsters because of bad weather, small catches, shifting ocean temperatures, and so on.
-          The fresh and alive lobsters should prepare them as quick as possible, within two days or less.
-          You need to do frequent trips to the market.
-          There is risk you purchasing from cheap lobster supplier Indonesia that does not conduct sustainable fishing.
-          If the lobster market located far away from the restaurant then it lack of refrigeration.
2.      The characteristic of frozen lobster
You can also try to look for lobster supplier Indonesia online who offer frozen lobster product. And thanks to the modern technological advances in the fishing and seafood industries, the lobsters can be quick frozen and the shipping overnight. After that you can try to store them inside freezer with special temperature setting.
Unlike you may think, frozen lobsters can be as good as fresh lobsters which depending on how the supplier handle and store them. In fact, the frozen product is an ideal choice for restaurant owner who have business far away from the coast or the ocean. When you want to purchase some seafood lobster in frozen state then here are few characteristics to look for:
-          The lobsters should be completely frozen in solid condition.
-          The lobsters should be free from ice burn or ice crystal.
-          The lobsters should have a very little or no odor at all.
-          The lobsters should not have any discoloration on the shells and the meats.
-          The lobsters should not be stored on top of the freezer line or above the frost line.
-          The lobster’s package should not appear crushed, torn, or damaged in any way.
The pros of frozen lobsters:
-          You can unthawed and cook them anytime.
-          The restaurant owner can stock the lobsters in bulk without need to worry cook them in one day.
-          The frozen lobsters will not going bad even if you cook them days later or even weeks.
-          Fish can be quick frozen in the freshest condition meaning that you get good quality frozen lobsters.
-          Purchasing frozen lobsters are less intimidating than going to the fresh market or buy from fresh lobster supplier Indonesia.
The cons of frozen lobsters:
-          The lobsters can spoilage when they are thaw during long trip delivery or when they are left in the warm temperature.
-          There is some risk of freezer burn.
-          There is risk purchasing from other countries which not follow FDA regulations. Thanks that many frozen lobster supplier Indonesia following the regulations to be able to market outside of the countries.
-          The thawing process can take hours for proper process.
-          The frozen lobsters are not as marketable as the fresh one and they are not guaranteed to be local.
When you want to purchase lobster supplier Indonesia products, please make sure that you look for trusted and reliable dealers. You can go check for other people recommendations about who the best Indonesian suppliers that can deliver you high quality lobsters. They can offer you frozen, fresh, and lobster tails plus meats.

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